Supervised Field Experiences

  • The Master of Arts in Teaching English program is closed to new admits.

    (For the most current information, please see the MATE Handbook.)

    Master of Arts in Teaching English

    Pre-Internship Requirements

    ACT 34 Clearance, Act 151 Clearance, and Act 114 Fingerprinting

    ACT 34 is a check for past criminal activity and is required by Pennsylvania law for all people who work with children. It involves a record check by the State Police for Pennsylvania residents and also a fingerprint check by the FBI for out-of-state residents. ACT 151 is a check for past child abuse activity and is also required by Pennsylvania law. Act 114, fingerprinting, is now required for teacher certification. Schools are not permitted to allow anyone without these clearances to work in their setting. Forms for these clearances are available in the Student Teaching Office in Stouffer Hall. You may register and pay for ACT 34 clearance online. The cost is $40.

    An appointment for having fingerprints taken on campus can be arranged through the College of Education at the beginning of the field experience term. Your fingerprints must be registered in order for you to work in a school for both the internship and student teaching You may also obtain the required forms online at the Pennsylvania Department of Education website. There is a charge for each clearance check. Students who do not have clearances may not be admitted to EDUC courses until they obtain them, as required by Pennsylvania law.

    Internship Application

    These forms are required to set up your internship:

    • Internship Syllabus
      At the same time, you should obtain from the MA/TE coordinator a copy of the internship syllabus and, using this syllabus as your guide, write a purpose statement for your internship discussing what your goals will be while working at your internship location.
    • Request for Placement form for Internship
      Obtain the Request for Placement form from the MA/TE coordinator also. You will be able to make three requests for placement; however, before making a request, it is strongly suggested that all prospective interns talk to people, visit schools, and observe teachers. Complete and return this form to your program coordinator.

    TB Test and Speech and Hearing Tests

    In addition to obtaining the Act 34 and Act 151/33 clearances, prior to your internship and student teaching you will need to take both the TB test and the Speech and Hearing tests. The TB test is offered at University Health Services; please check for dates and times. The Speech and Hearing tests are offered at Davis Hall in the IUP Speech and Hearing Clinic; again, please check for dates and times. All tests are usually offered in the spring. There are no fees for any of the tests.


    Each intern will be assigned a supervisor from IUP, typically the program coordinator. The assigned supervisor will make one early contact with the cooperating teacher, and later in the internship, the assigned supervisor will observe the intern at least once during the 120-hour period.

    During the 120-hour internship, the intern must keep a journal of his/her observations and experiences at the internship site. Additionally, the intern must complete a research project of his/her choice. Be sure to discuss the research project with both the cooperating teacher and the internship supervisor.

    Pre-Student Teaching Requirements


    Students must apply for student teaching by completing the application for student teaching. The application offers students the chance to request three separate schools and/or teachers to work with during the student teaching semester. The College of Education makes all placements. The application should be turned in to the MA/TE program coordinator, who will make recommendations to the College of Education for final decisions on placement.

    Act 34 and Act 151/33 Clearances:

    Prior to student teaching, each student teacher must apply for or renew his/her Act 34 and Act 151/33 clearances, as aforementioned.

    Tests and Physical:

    Each student teacher must also have a current TB test, Speech and Hearing test, and a physical before beginning his/her student teaching. The College of Education routinely posts a schedule of times when these tests and screenings are offered on campus.

    Student Teaching Handbook:

    All student teachers must purchase the Student Teaching Handbook, available at the Co-op Bookstore, before student teaching. Once the handbook is purchased, you must send verification of purchase to the ECSP.

    Academic Requirements:

    There will be verification of all requirements for admission to student teaching. Students who entered the College of Education beginning Fall 1998 must have passed the Special Education Competency Test. If the requirements are not met, you will be sent a letter informing you that you will be disenrolled from student teaching until the deficiencies are removed.

    Student Teaching Interview:

    The student teacher must make arrangements with his/her cooperating teacher prior to the beginning of his/her assignment. You must return the completed signature form and a copy of the letter of introduction you sent to your cooperating teacher to the ECSP office. Failure to do this may interfere with your student teaching assignment. Cooperating teachers are expecting you to interview and will call the ECSP if you do not attend to this matter. Look on your assignment form for the name, address, and phone number of your cooperating teacher.

    Personal Data Form:

    Please complete this in detail and give it to your cooperating teacher when you visit or send it with your letter of introduction. A copy must be returned to the ECSP office several weeks prior to your student teaching.

    Student Teaching Calendar:

    Please look over carefully and plan accordingly. Student teachers are expected to be in the school whenever it is in session. In-service participation may be required and is professionally enlightening.

    Taking Courses While Student Teaching:

    Questions regarding this policy should be discussed with the MA/TE program coordinator and with the associate dean for Educational College-School Partnerships. A request for permission is available in the ECSP office in Stouffer Hall.

    Student Teaching

    While student teaching, as aforementioned, you will be assigned to a cooperating teacher in a single school. Your university supervisor will act as liaison between the school and the university.