Meet the MATE Faculty

  • The Master of Arts in Teaching English program is closed to new admits.

    Dr. Linda Norris, Director, MATE

    Sutton Hall, Rm. 343
    (724) 357-3969

    Dr. Linda Norris, professor of English, is the director of the Master of Arts in Teaching English (M.A./TE) program. She has been a faculty member at IUP since 1992 and has worn many hats, including director of the undergraduate English education program for 12 years and assistant chair of the English department. She has received both the Outstanding Advisor and Outstanding Professor awards from the English department and a commendation from the Council of Trustees. She earned undergraduate degrees in English and French from Penn State and her master’s and doctoral degrees in English Education from the University of Pittsburgh. She is the coauthor of two books and countless articles in secondary English teacher education. In 2007, she received the Richard A. Meade Award from the National Council of Teachers of English for excellence in research in English education, and in 2009 she won the Pennsylvania Teacher Educator of the Year award from the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators. She is the co-editor of the Pennsylvania Teacher Educator journal.

    Michael WilliamsonDr. Michael M. Williamson

    Sutton Hall, Rm. 351
    (724) 357-2671

    Dr. Michael M. Williamson received the PhD in Research and Evaluation from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Graduate School of Education, at the State University of New York at Buffalo, 1984. He has taught at IUP for 28 years, teaching courses in English Liberal Studies, the Bachelor of Science in English Education, and graduate programs in Composition and TESOL, including the MATE program.

    His research interests include writing assessment, technology and literacy, research methodology, teacher education, and historical research.

    Over the last 28 years, he has also directed a number of dissertations that focused on linguistics, literacy, composition studies, and writing assessment. His work has been published in Research in the Teaching of English, Assessing Writing, and the Journal of Writing Assessment, among other journals. He has published three books, including one that addresses writing assessment. His most recent research focuses on college students’ responses to literature.

    Dr. Jo-Anne Kerr

    Sutton Hall, Rm. 359
    (724) 357-2617

    Dr. Jo-Anne Kerr, associate professor of English, is the director of the undergraduate English Education Program. She joined IUP’s English department in 2005 after having taught high school English for 25 years. She earned a BA in English with teacher certification from Seton College, an MEd in English Education from IUP, and a PhD in Rhetoric and Linguistics from IUP. She has published articles in the Middle School Journal, English Journal, Educational Considerations, and Field Experience Journal. She has also presented at National Council of Teachers annual conventions, the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English Language Arts conferences, and the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators annual Teacher Education Assemblies. She has been the recipient of the Outstanding English Education Advisor Award four times.

    Dr. Helen Sitler

    Sutton Hall, Rm 360

    Dr. Helen Sitler has a PhD in Rhetoric and Linguistics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, graduated in 1997. Her teaching interests include composition at all levels, especially Basic Writing; English Education methods courses in teaching writing and reading/literature.  Her research interests include trauma and its effects in the writing classroom, teacher education, basic writers--their identities as writers and the development of writing skills.

    Emily Wender

    Dr. Emily Wender has a PhD in English from the University of Pittsburgh, 2012. Her research interests include response to literature, emotion and literacy, composition theory and pedagogy, inquiry and teacher education. She has publications on emotion and the teaching of first year composition and introductory literature courses.

    Brian Carpenter
    (724) 357-2261

    Dr. Brian Carpenter has a PhD in Instruction and Learning from the University of Pittsburgh, 2008. He is interested in how language constructs teacher and learner’s educational experiences. Also interested in learning more about how our social worlds inform teaching and learning experiences. His recent publications include: The History Teacher, August (2014) Teaching with Documents in the Multilingual Classroom, Carpenter, B., Earhart, M. & Achugar, M.  Linguistics and Education, Vol. 23, No. 3 (Sept. 2012), Disciplinary literacy in a multilingual History Classroom, Mariana Achugar and Brian D. Carpenter.