Composition and TESOL, PhD

  • Graduate English students

    PRACTICE CLASSROOM STRATEGIES:  You'll develop your teaching skills by practicing classroom strategies and methods under the guidance of faculty mentors who are experts in the field.

    One of the nation’s oldest and largest programs

    The IUP doctoral program in Composition and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is one of the oldest and largest in the United States and one of only a few programs in the world that gives students the option of exploring first and second language literacy in English.

    Our mission: Develop your expertise as a teacher-scholar

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s doctoral program in Composition and TESOL provides students with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and research-based understanding of first- and second-language literacy instruction.

    With accomplished, international faculty in the fields of composition, TESOL, rhetoric, and applied linguistics, our program offers the unique experience of working across disciplinary lines and integrating research on language, literacy, culture, and writing.

    Our curriculum is built on the concept of the teacher-scholar. We help doctoral students conduct innovative research and we promote teaching practices that are informed by research. Our students become accomplished teacher-scholars known for their enthusiasm, research, teaching, and publications. They enjoy careers as faculty members, literacy researchers, writing program directors, academic administrators, and expert consultants.

    The Composition and TESOL program is one of the few programs in the world designed to give students the option of exploring first- and second-language literacy in English. We welcome students who wish to explore the ever-widening contexts of literacy and language around the world and who recognize the importance, value, and beauty of literacy research and instruction.

    Program Highlights

    Diversity and Inclusivity

    Since 1975, the Composition and TESOL English PhD Program has focused on celebrating diversity and maintaining an inclusive environment that promotes intercultural understanding among our students and faculty. We affirm this commitment through our coursework and scholarship, which encourages us to consider both local and global perspectives on language and literacy policies, practices, and learning. Our diverse family of students, faculty, and alumni come from all over the world including Africa, Asia, Central and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

    Given our program’s inherently multicultural and multilingual values, we affirm our program’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment for all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual identity, ability, migration status, national origin, or other forms of identity. We welcome and honor the perspectives, cultures, and traditions that each of our students, faculty, and alumni bring to our program.

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    Sharon Deckert
    Director, Graduate Studies in Composition and TESOL