Gloria Park

  • Gloria Park

    Associate Professor

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    Department of English
    Graduate Studies in Composition and TESOL
    Indiana, PA 15705-1094

    Contact Information:

    Office: Sutton 346

    Overview of Teacher-Scholar Work

    As a researcher and teacher educator, I am dedicated to helping both English language learners and their teachers to come to understand themselves as knowledgeable, reflective individuals who are critical of how the English language is situated in worldwide contexts. My research and teaching focuses on educators as professional people whose personal lives outside of the classroom have powerful implications for their evolving identities and work as teachers of the English language. Both within the specific realms of TESOL and Applied Linguistics and in the field of teacher education more broadly, I am interested in understanding how all TESOL teachers’ (especially the ones from diverse linguistic, racial, and cultural backgrounds) constructs of their knowledge, identities, and pedagogies are developed and enacted.

    Current and former class syllabuses can be opened as Word documents, located here:


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    Publications Under Review and In Preparation

    • Park, G., Rinke, C., & Mawhinney, L. (Under Review). "[A] way to disable somebody's ability to do something": The Life Histories of Two West African Undergraduate Teacher Education Students in the US" International Refereed Journal submitted on March 6, 2012.
    • Rinke, C., Mawhinney, L., & Park, G. (Under Review). Complicating the "Apprenticeship of Observation": The Role of Modeling in the Selection of a Teaching Career. Teachers and Teaching: Theory & Practice.
    • Park, G. (In Preparation). Pedagogical Content Knowledge in World Englishes.
    • Park, G. (In Preparation). Undergraduate research writing students' Exploration of Issues of Diversity and Social Justice: Implications for Working with undergraduate students.
    • Park, G. (In Preparation). Where Privilege Meets Marginalization: East Asian Women Teachers of English. A book contract with Multilingual Matters, LTD. in Cambridge, UK.

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