Health Services Administration Courses

  • Course Number
    Course Name
    HSAD 631 Human Resources Management in the Public Sector 3 cr
    HSAD 555 Health Care Informatics-Data processing 3 cr
    HSAD 614 Health Policy 3 cr
    HSAD 619 Advanced Research in Employment Relations and Health Services Administration 3 cr
    HSAD 605 Epidemiology in Health Services Administration 3 cr
    HSAD 610 Employee Rights Under Law 3 cr
    HSAD 751 Conflict Resolution 3 cr
    HSAD 730 Financial Management in Health Care 3 cr
    HSAD 616 Health Law 3 cr
    HSAD --- 3-credit elective (to be determined)* 3 cr
    HSAD 761 Health Services Administration Practicum 3 cr
    HSAD 609 Ethics and Social Issues in Health Care 3 cr

    *Students may choose electives from IUP courses that are appropriate for their needs and interests as they work toward meeting the program objectives. Advisors will approve elective choices.