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Associate Degree in Electro-Optics and Laser Engineering Technology

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

What You’ll Do

Electro-optics is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. As an Electro-Optics major at IUP you’ll prepare for a career in this promising field.

In this major, you’ll take courses that deal with the nature and properties of light, lasers, light sources, basic optics, laser safety, optical detectors, fiber optics, high-vacuum technology, fiber-optics telecommunications, thin-film deposition units, and computer interfacing. Electro-optics permits physicians to perform minimally invasive surgery using fiber-optic endoscopes and lasers. It also allows firefighters to see through smoke, helping them to save more lives in today’s deadly fires.

Our unique two-year program combines technical training along with courses in electronics, science, computers, and liberal arts. The hands-on approach of this program is emphasized by the fact that all the technical and science courses have three-hour labs. You will have the opportunity to use some of the most modern equipment available today in laser and electro-optics technology.


What You’ll Become

The Associate of Science degree in Electro Optics and Laser Engineering Technology will prepare you for employment as an electro-optics technician, laser technician, field service engineer and more.

Complete one or both degrees:

Associate of Science in Electro-Optics and Laser Engineering Technology

Created for the student who enjoys technical challenges as well as theoretical applications. Graduates with this degree enter the workforce as technicians in the electro-optics industry, or continue on to the IUP main campus for the bachelor’s degree.

Click here to view the Electro-Optics Curriculum.

Bachelor of Science in Physics/Electro-Optics Track

Created for the student who wants both a technical education and a large amount of theoretical applications. Graduates with this degree are employed to do engineering-level work for companies utilizing electro-optics technologies. Students must have earned the associate’s degree in electro-optics before entering this degree program.


IUP sponsors a student chapter of SPIE (International Society of Photonics Engineers). SPIE has created a video to help introduce people to this exciting new technology and career choice.

View the Optics: Light at Work webcast:

If you are unable to download and view one of these files, contact the Physics Department,  and we will send you a DVD.

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