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Procedure for Submitting Notes Electronically

  • Instructions on Submitting Notes Electronically

    Please Note: We are no longer accepting notes via e-mail. If you plan on submitting notes electronically, you must follow these instructions:

    1. E-mail advising-testing@iup.edu, including your full name and four-character username
    2. Check your e-mail regularly for an e-mail confirming that you have access to the I: drive
    3. Once you receive the confirmation e-mail, you must map the I: drive to your computer (see below)

    When submitting notes, you must follow these instructions carefully.

    Failure to not follow each step will result in your notes not being submitted!

    1. Save your notes as a .doc or .jpg file.
    2. Each time you save your notes, the files name must be as follows: Lastname_class_date
      (Example: If your last name is Smith, and you are in class ANTH 110-201, and you are submitting the notes on September 1, your file name should be: SMITH_ANTH110-201_9.1). If you are submitting more than one document for the class, add a number sequentially to the end: Example: SMITH_ANTH110-201_9.1.2, SMITH_ANTH110-201_9.1.3).
    3. Once you save the file(s) correctly, you must open cmdugan’s I: drive folder.
    4. In this folder, you will see another folder entitled “hand-in.”
    5. You must click and drag your notes into the hand-in folder. You will not be able to open this folder; you will just be able to “drop” your notes into the folder.
    6. Once you drop your notes into the folder, you have submitted your notes.

    It is very important that you follow these instructions. If you drop your notes into the folder without saving the file as the correct name, we will not know who those notes belong to, and you will not be credited for submitting the notes. Failure to submit notes in the correct manner will result in your termination as a notetaker.

    For information on accessing the I: drive, please visit the IT Support Center.

    Or, you can put this command in the URL of your Web browser: \\acad1.acad.iup.edu\instruct$\cmdugan