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Credit-bearing courses are open to all students and include

  1. Developmental courses in mathematics and reading
  2. Learning enhancement courses in mathematics and critical reading
  3. College success courses in introduction to higher education, college learning strategies, and career development
  4. Courses in preparing undergraduates in roles as paraprofessionals


DVST 070 Reading Skills for College Study
Designed to assist students in the development of college-level reading skills.
DVST 093 Developmental Math, Elements of Algebra
A few topics include properties and operations on real numbers and simplifying expressions.
DVST 083 Introduction to College Math
Introduces beginning algebraic concepts.
DVST 110 Introduction to Critical Reading and Thinking
Focuses on mastering skills related to the processes of understanding, analyzing, and assessing college-levels texts.
DVST 150 Introduction to Higher Education
 Introduces students to skills that promote effective educational planning and academic success.
DVST 160 Learning Strategies
Assists students to develop their study strategies and examine their academic goals.
DVST 170 Career Exploration
Students will examine the world of work, assess their interests and abilities, and make realistic decisions on academic majors and careers.
DVST 250 Role of the Peer Educator: Theory Practice, and Assessment
Prepares selected students for the role of a paraprofessional Peer Educator.
Reading Skills for College Study SyllabusDocument icon
Catalog description, course goals, and required materials for DVST 070.
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