• 13-201 Legal Update

    Three-hour course

    This is a three-hour Mandatory In-Service Training (MIST) course covering important legal issues affecting and important to municipal police officers. This training program will cover topics such as:

    1. Changes and updates to the Crimes Code
    2. Changes and updates to the Vehicle Code
    3. Changes and updates to the Rules of Criminal Procedure
    4. Changes to other statutes related to law enforcement

    Through this course, Instructors will examine, review and explain significant court cases relevant to police officers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The overall goal of the curriculum is to demonstrate how the outcome of these cases directly impacts how police officers perform her or his duties. Additional goals of this course are to improve officer safety, to increase convictions, and to reduce civil liability to police departments. Other content included through this module provides discussion relating to any other unique legal issues that developed in 2012.

    13-334 Threat Assessment & Management

    Three-hour course

    Assessing and managing communicated and unspoken threats related to school/workplace violence, sexual crimes, stalking, cybercrimes (cyber stalking), domestic violence, and terrorism is an important component of police response.

    This course will address threat assessment principles, the process of identifying and analyzing threats, and the importance of devising interview/interrogation strategies which can assist the officer/investigator in their approach to threat cases. Participants will be provided with opportunities to review and analyze various samples of communication.

    Officers will learn to recognize and manage,

    1. Violence assessment (behavioral antecedents, indicators & patterns of escalation towards targeted violence);
    2. Evaluation of threatening, intimidating, and harassing statements/behaviors;
    3. Analysis of stalking behavior;
    4. Interview strategies for perpetrators and victims;
    5. Consultation with mental health professionals; and
    6. Recommendations for interviews, collecting, and evaluation critical collateral date regardint the threats.

    13-335 Managing Public Events

    Three-hour course

    This course will provide examples of different types of public events and the challenges associated with managing them. Discussion will address protest groups, civil rights/social groups, public rallies, sporting event celebrations. Constitutional and tactical suggestions regarding the management of such demonstrations including crowd management/control tactics and logistics will be provided.

    Video footage will be used to illustrate challenges posed by such events. Participants, using a case study, will practice how to apply principles addressed during instruction.

    13-336 Emergency Vehicle Operation-Remain in Control

    Three-hour course

    This course will reinforce the importance of safe driving techniques and the need to be a focused driver. This course will focus on perceptual driving, night driving, vehicle inspections before the start of duty, driving in different types of weather, the use of seat belts, as well as the liability risks to the officer and the department. Additionally, this course will focus on the importance of pursuit policies, review new Vehicle Code laws and pertinent case law that can affect pursuit and emergency response driving policy and procedures. This course will also contain information from the Below 100 initiative to reduce line of duty police deaths.