Graduation Requirement Checklist for Students Entering Before Fall 2003

  • Please note the following:

    • You are responsible for meeting graduation requirements.

    • This checklist is intended to be used in conjunction with your Undergraduate Catalog.

    • Learning Center (LRNC) courses numbered below 100 do not count towards the 124 credits required for graduation. 

    Learning Skills

    English Composition

    Seven credit hours. Both courses are required.
    ____ENGL 101 College Writing (4)
    ____ENGL 202 Research Writing (3) (Sophomore Standing)


    Three or four credit hours. One course from the list is required.
    ____MATH 101 Foundation of Mathematics (3)
    ____MATH 105 College Algebra (3)
    ____MATH 110 Elementary Functions (3) 
    ____MATH 217 Probability and Statistics  (3)
    Or any other approved Math course. See Undergraduate Catalog for details.

    Humanities: Choose one course from History, Literature, and Philosophy or Religious Studies. Nine credit hours.


    ____HIST 195 History: The Modern Era (3)


    ____ENGL 121 Humanities: Literature (3)

    Philosophy or Religious Studies

    ____PHIL 101 Informal Logic: Methods of Critical Thinking (3)
    ____PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
    ____PHIL 221 Introduction to Symbolic Logic (3)
    ____PHIL 222 Ethics (3)
    ____PHIL 223 Philosophy of Art (3)
    ____RLST 100 Introduction to Religion (3)
    ____RLST 110 World Religions (3)
    ____RLST 250 Understanding the Bible (3)
    ____RLST 290 Christianity (3)

     Fine Arts

    Three credit hours. Choose one course from the list.
    ____ARHI 101 Introduction to Art (3)
    ____MUHI 101 Introduction to Music (3)
    ____THTR 101 Introduction to Theater (3)
    ____THTR 102 Introduction to Dance  (3)

    Natural Science

    Eight or ten credit hours. Choose an option.
    Option I: Two-semester laboratory sequence. Eight credit hours.
    ____Lab_______________________________________ (4)
    ____Lab_______________________________________ (4)
    Lab courses must be taken in sequence

    Option II: One laboratory course plus two non-laboratory courses. Ten credit hours.
    ____Non-Lab___________________________________ (3)
    ____Non-Lab___________________________________ (3)
    Refer to your Undergraduate Catalog for a detailed description of the Natural Science requirements.

    Health and Wellness

    Three credit hours
    ____HPED 143 Health and Wellness
    ____FDNT 143 Food and Nutrition  (or MLSC 101 and MLSC 102) or (MLSC 203 and MLSC 204)

    Non-Western Cultures

    Three credit hours. Choose one course from the approved list.
    This requirement may be fulfilled by another Liberal studies course. 
    ____ __________________________________________ (3)

    Writing Across the Curriculum

    Six credit hours. Two “W” courses. At least one must be a Criminology course.
    ____ CRIM_____________________________________(3) Writing Intensive
    ____ __________________________________________(3) Writing Intensive

     Social Sciences

    Nine credit hours. *Also fulfills Non-Western Requirement. **May also be used as CRIM Elective.
    ____ANTH 110 Contemporary Anthropology (3)  *
    ____ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology (3) *
    ____ANTH 213 World Archaeology (3)
    ____CRIM 101 Crime and Justice Systems (3) **
    ____ECON 101 Basic Economics (3)
    ____ECON 121 Principles of Economics I (3)
    ____GEOG 101 Introduction to Geography: Human Environment Interaction (3)
    ____GEOG 102 Geography of U.S. and Canada (3)
    ____GEOG 103 Introduction to Human Geography (3)
    ____GEOG 104 Geography of Non-Western World (3) *
    ____PLSC 101 World Politics (3) *
    ____PLSC 111 American Politics (3)
    ____PSYC 101 General Psychology (3)
    ____SOC 151 Principles of Sociology (3)
    ____SOC 231 Contemporary Social Problems (3)

    Liberal Studies Electives

    Choose three courses from the approved list in your undergraduate catalog.  One course must be numbered 200 or higher. No Criminology courses may be used.  No course prefix may be used more than once with the exception of an intermediate-level foreign language prefix, which may be used twice. See list of non-laboratory natural sciences for additional courses that may be used as Liberal Studies electives.
    ____ __________________________________________
    ____ __________________________________________
    ____ __________________________________________

    Foreign Language

    (Intermediate Level) Four to six credit hours. (For additional options, consult your undergraduate catalog.)
    ____SPAN 201 (4)   ____FRNC  201 (3)   ____FRNC 202 (3) 
    ____FRNC 203 (Intensive) (6)   ____GRMN 251 (III) (3)  ____GRMN 252 (IV) (3)


    Three credit hours. LBST 499 — Choose one course from the approved list.
    ____LBST499________________________________________  (Prerequisite: 73 credit hours must be completed.)

    Criminology Requirements (36) Credit Hours


    (18) credit hours
    ____CRIM 102 Survey of Criminology (3)
    ____CRIM 210 Criminal Law (3)
    ____CRIM 300 Theory of Complex C.J. Organizations (3)
    ____CRIM 306 Research Methods (3)
    ____CRIM 400 Theoretical Criminology  (3)
    ____CRIM 401 Contemporary Issues  (3)

    Criminology Electives

    (15) credit hours
    Only six internship credits apply. Additional CRIM courses may be used as General/Free electives.

    Controlled Electives

    Three credit hours
    Choose at least one of the following. Additional controlled electives taken will be used as CR or free electives.
    ____CRIM 416 Criminal Justice Pers. And Sup. (3)
    ____CRIM 451 Etiology of Delinquent Behavior (3)
    ____CRIM 470 Comparative Justice Systems (3)
    ____CRIM 491 Indiv. and Grp. Treatment Mod. (3)

    Criminology Pre-Law (if applicable)
    Seven additional courses beyond the Criminology major are required. At least one course from each of the six areas listed is to be taken. One area will require two courses.

    Business:  BLAW 235, ACCT 201, ACCT 202
    Economics:  ECON 121, ECON 122, ECON 332
    English:  ENGL 212, ENGL 220, ENGL 310
    History:  HIST 320, HIST 321, HIST 346
    Philosophy:  PHIL 101, PHIL 222, PHIL 450
    Political Science:  PLSC 358, PLSC359, PLSC361

    A Minimum of 124 credit hours must be completed to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology at IUP.
    Note: Courses that are used to fulfill more than one requirement are only counted once towards the 124 credit hours needed.

    Students are encouraged to pursue a minor in a field of interest.

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