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The Counseling Center strives to help students cope with and overcome their concerns and to make the most of their experience at college. This section is meant to serve as a starting point for students to address their worries and to find answers to their general questions. The information provided in this section is generalized and only meant as suggestions. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Counseling Center for more personalized help and guidance. 

How to Schedule an Appointment
Appointments with the Counseling Center can be made both in person or by phone by the student requesting services. To schedule an appointment, stop by our office in Suites on Maple East, Room G31, or call 724-357-2621.
Excessive anxiety in low stress situations or anxiety that holds you back from ordinary activities and social interactions can be detrimental. This page provides information about anxiety and how to cope.
College Concerns
The transition to college can be a difficult time for many students. This section is meant to address some of the concerns students might have. 
Learn more about depression and what to do if you feel depressed.
Practicing mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety, while also improving relaxation and sleep habits. Learn more about mindfulness and find exercises for practice.
Low self-esteem can impact how we think of ourselves and lead to more serious problems. Learn more about how to improve your self-esteem.
Apps and Online Resources
Check out these downloadable apps and other online resources. 
Self-injury is a deliberate, intentional injury to one’s own body that causes damage or leaves marks. This is done to cope with an overwhelming or distressing situation. Follow this link for tips on how to manage the urge to self-harm.
Stress can affect our bodies, thoughts, and emotions. There are many techniques and exercises to calm our minds and relieve stress.
Suicide Prevention
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students, and it can be prevented. Follow this link for more information on suicide prevention.
When faced with uncertainty you may experience symptoms which affect everyday life. Find out more about how to cope with these feelings of uncertainty.
Resources for Veterans and Their Families
The United States Department of Veterans Affiars offers these resources to assist war veterans and their family members cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, deployment, and other issues specific to war veterans.
Study Skills & Where to Find Academic Help
Information on Reading, Writing, Concentration, Memory, Note-Taking, Time Management, and campus Resources.
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  • 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
  • Walk-In Hours:
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