The Soaring Hawk Artmark

  • Soaring Hawk Artmark

    The soaring hawk artmark provides a graphic representation of the university’s mascot, the crimson hawk, for all uses in which the IUP Athletics Crimson Hawks graphics would not be appropriate.

    The hawk should always be situated and appear to be flying from left to right. It should never be flipped or tilted to appear to be flying up, down, or diagonally.

    The hawk may be cropped, but its head should always appear.



    The soaring hawk can appear in Pantone 201 IUP Crimson against white or light-colored backgrounds and should be reversed out in white on all dark applications.

    It may also be reproduced in black and white. It should not be reproduced in IUP Gray or in non-IUP colors without prior approval of the IUP art director in the Communications and Marketing office.


    The Soaring Hawk and the “Beyond Expectations” Tagline

    Soaring Hawk centered above tagline

    The soaring hawk artmark is a fitting illustration for the university’s marketing tagline, “Beyond Expectations.” When accompanied by the tagline, the hawk should always appear above the tagline. They should never appear side by side or with the tagline above the hawk.

    The tagline should always be in lower case, set in Warnock Pro font, without punctuation or added verbiage.

    The two approved applications are the hawk centered above the tagline (above) and the tagline shifted right under the hawk (below).

    Soaring Hawk with tagline shifted right

    Whether appearing alone or with the tagline, the soaring hawk’s preferred location is the upper-right corner of material or above and to the right of the wave.

    The Soaring Hawk Artmark: What Not to Do

    Don’t Distort or Alter the Artmark 

    There should never be more than one hawk in the artmark.

    Don't do this.

    Nothing should be added to the hawk as embellishment. The hawk should never carry anything or be made to look as though it is landing on anything.

    Don't do this.

    The hawk should never be outlined or semitransparent or appear in any colors other than IUP Crimson, white, or black.

    Don't do this.

    Don’t Rotate or Flip the Artmark 

    Don't do this.

    Don't do this.

    Don’t Change the Tagline Wording or Change Its Position or Size in Relation to the Soaring Hawk 

    Don’t change the wording of the tagline.

    Don't do this.

    Don’t place the hawk beneath the tagline.

    Don't do this.