IUP Nameplate

  • IUP nameplate

    Because the university communicates with a broad variety of audiences, some of whom do not recognize the letters “IUP” as representing a university, the IUP nameplate incorporating the full name of the university was developed in 2003.

    The nameplate is used in support of the primary IUP identifiers (the IUP wave artmark or the IUP logo), and there is a graphic system for combining both into a single unit to clearly communicate that IUP is Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

    In the IUP nameplate, the name Indiana University of Pennsylvania is set using the font Garamond Light Condensed. No other fonts are acceptable for use in the IUP nameplate.

    The IUP Wave Artmark/IUP Nameplate Combination

    Layout of the Wave Artmark/IUP Nameplate Combination 

    The IUP wave artmark may be used in conjunction with the IUP nameplate in the specific layout shown.

    IUP wave artmark/nameplate layout

    In this combination, the nameplate should be the height of the inner portion of the traditional IUP logo within the artmark, as per the guides shown below. The nameplate should always appear in black.

    wave artmark/nameplate guides

    The Wave Artmark/IUP Nameplate Combination with IUP Web Address 

    wave artmark/nameplate with url

    When appropriate, the www.iup.edu URL may be added beneath the nameplate. The www.iup.edu URL is the only one to be used with this artmark/nameplate.

    guides for wave artmark/nameplate with url

    The baseline of the URL will align with the top, rightmost area of the gray portion of the wave artmark, and the URL address will be the width of the word “Indiana” in the nameplate, as per the guide above. The font used for the URL is Warnock Pro Italic.

    The IUP Logo/IUP Nameplate Combination

    Layout of the IUP Logo/IUP Nameplate Combination 

    IUP logo/nameplate layout

    The traditional IUP logo may be used in conjunction with the IUP nameplate when used in proximity to, or layered over top of, a larger wave design element. (See the section discussing the wave design element, and see the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex layout sample below.)

    logo/nameplate with guides

    KCAC layout sample

    The height of the dividing rule will be the height of the IUP logo, and the height of the capital letters in the nameplate will be the height of the inner portions of the IUP logo, as per the guides above.

    “Reversing” the IUP Logo/Nameplate 

    The combination may also be used on darker backgrounds, against which the IUP wave artmark would not be fully visible. On a darker background, the IUP logo, dividing line, and IUP nameplate will all be “reversed,” i.e., will appear in white. See example application at right.

    Preferred positioning of the IUP logo/nameplate is at bottom center or top center of layout.