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    The IUP logo, adopted in the mid-1980s, is the basic building block of the university’s academic visual identity. It, either alone or as a part of the IUP wave artmark, should appear in all publications, advertisements, websites, etc., representing the academic side of the university.

    Either the IUP logo or the IUP wave artmark may also appear along with the university nameplate when the full name of the university is required.

    logo and photo example

    The IUP logo may be incorporated into a photo image (see at right), even appearing with a degree of transparency, but it must always be clear and easily readable. The photo background should not be cluttered, contrasty, or otherwise so distracting to the reader that it compromises the logo.

    See the following sections covering the IUP wave artmark and the IUP nameplate for additional information and applications for these identity elements.


    The IUP logo generally should appear in black, in IUP crimson, or in IUP gray, or it may be reversed (appearing in white) out of a color background or photo.


    The logo may appear in other colors when it suits a specific design or purpose, but these instances are most definitely the exception rather than the rule.

    Safe Zone Surrounding the IUP Logo 

    The IUP logo has an established safe zone. This safe zone is intended to maintain the logo’s integrity and to avoid visual confusion. No other type or graphic element (including folds, trims, or edges) should fall within the safe zone shown. The safe zone for the IUP academic logo is equal to one-fourth of the height of the logo.

    safe zone

    The IUP Logo: What Not to Do

    Don’t Distort the Logo 

    The IUP logotype must not be altered in any way and should always be used in the proportion and configuration shown on the previous page. The following  are  never acceptable uses of the IUP logo.

    The IUP logotype is NOT to be distorted,

    Do not do this.

    stretched or condensed,

    Do not do this.

    Do not do this.

    or transformed into outlines instead of its solid form.

    Do not do this.

    Don’t Cover the Logo 

    One should never print type or artwork over the IUP logo.

    Do not do this.

    Don’t Use the Logo in a Sentence or a Phrase 

    The IUP logo should never be used in running text. In a sentence or phrase, just use the letters “IUP” in the same font as the rest of the text.

    Do not do this.

    Don’t Dissect the Logo 

    The IUP logotype is a single unit, and its component letters should never be separated or manipulated separately or reproduced in different colors.

    Do not do this.

    Do not do this.

    Do not do this.

    Do not do this.

    Do not do this.