Station Documents

  • This page contains brief explanations and PDF downloads for important station documents. If unable to download any of the materials, please contact IUP-TV.

    IUP-TV Station Manual

    The IUP-TV Station Manual contains a general introduction to IUP-TV as well as the mission statement, history, description of positions, rules and regulations, and station programming guidelines.

    Download the IUP-TV Station Manual.

    Membership Application

    This form is for anyone who is currently actively involved in IUP-TV or for new members just joining the program. All IUP-TV members must have this form filled out and returned to the faculty advisor, Dr. Steve Kleinman, before beginning production.

    Download the Membership Application.

    Executive Committee Application

    This form is for any current IUP-TV member who wishes to become a member of the executive committee. The executive committee is made up of many different positions that works closely with the faculty advisor to set both immediate and long-term goals for IUP-TV. Requirements for these positions can be found in the Station Manual.

    Download the Executive Committee Application.

    Production Proposal Application

    This form is for anyone interested in starting a new show on IUP-TV. Program proposal guidelines and requirements can be found in the Station Manual.

    Download the Production Proposal Form.

    Producer’s Report Form

    This form is for all current, acting directors and producers of IUP-TV. This form should be turned in to the faculty advisor, Dr. Steve Kleinman, after every completed episode of your show.

    Download the Producer's Report.