Applied and Industrial Chemistry, PSM

  • Elom Pedanou in the Chemistry lab

    MASTER'S STUDENT ELOM PEDANOU’S RESEARCH ON ORAL BACTERIA may have applications in the dental industry. “Professor George Long presented me with opportunities, seeking out grants for students to work over the summer,” he said. “Thanks to him, I got a grant.”

    Advance your career by merging science and business expertise in the Professional Science Master’s Program in Applied and Industrial Chemistry

    IUP’s new two-year interdisciplinary graduate degree prepares you for an emerging trend in the job market. A combination of science coursework and professional skills courses in management, marketing, and communications will advance your career to new heights.

    Following completion of science proficiency courses, you’ll take professional development courses designed to augment your scientific knowledge with communication, business, and management skills to better prepare you to meet the technology challenges of a company.

    The PSM internship allows you to gain hands-on industry experience and lets you earn your degree while working full time. The internship gives you experience in managing the breakthroughs created by your company’s research teams. You’ll interact with scientific researchers and business managers, especially in the marketing, finance, and legal departments.

    The PSM in Applied and Industrial Chemistry provides the skill set necessary for linking scientific operations with management decisions and marketing strategies.

    The PSM degree will prepare you to:

    • Master non-science subjects in business, communications, and information technology.
    • Interact with scientific researchers and business managers through your internship, especially in the marketing, finance, and legal departments.
    • Access a wide assortment of modern instrumentation for research and to fulfill IUP coursework requirements.