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Graduate Programs

A student and professor work together in a lab

STUDENT RESEARCH Aaron Kishlock adjusts a rotovap, which is used to remove low-boiling organic chemicals from a mixture of compounds. He is working on a research project with Professor Avijita Jain titled "Synthesis, Characterization, Spectroscopic, and Electrochemical Studies of Ruthenium Complexes."

Combine business with chemistry to create dynamic career opportunities

What happens when you merge chemistry with business and marketing savvy? Opportunity. Too often there is a disconnect between science and management. You can be the invaluable link that makes it all work by mastering the languages of both commerce and chemistry.

The Professional Science Master’s Degree in Applied and Industrial Chemistry is an “MBA for scientists” like you who know they have more than scientific acumen to bring to the table. Your course of study will allow you to polish the crucial skills needed to lead an industrial firm or government agency through the complex business cycles of science.

PSM in Applied and Industrial Chemistry

Chemistry careers require more than knowledge of the properties and composition of substances. Industry also demands people skills, such as communication and project management. By complementing your science background with the ability to win trust, lead by example, and build efficient teams and business strategies, you place yourself in the unique and highly valued category of corporate chemist.

The IUP Difference

Evening classes. If you’re employed and can’t attend classes during the day, you can still pursue a PSM. This new IUP program offers evening courses on various campuses and online courses.

Virtual course credits. You may fulfill credits for business courses by logging into our website. This virtual endeavor will save time and allow you to take online classes when convenient to your work schedule.

Hybrid internship. The required internship can be related to work you’re already doing, benefiting both you and your employer.

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