Student Technology Association

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Student Technology Association of IUP is to provide a forum for students to exchange ideas, draw on the expertise of industry associates, share information on industry trends and events, and network with information technology professionals.

    How to Join

    Contact Mr. Joseph Rosendale at

    Requirements of Members (Membership Fees, Attendance, etc.)

    Members must attend all of the monthly meetings, attend at least one of the events that the organization holds throughout the semester, and pay dues totaling $10 every semester.

    List of Meeting Dates/Times/Locations/Agenda/Handouts

    Please contact Krutarth Patel at for meeting information.

    List of Events/Activities 

    Some of the members of STA

    Member Quotes about the Value of the Organization

    "STA offers students an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with other students and business professionals to help them gain valuable experience and exposure.  We hope to help all aspiring business and IT students highlight their skills and interests, and gain a competitive edge in the professional world." - Krutarth Patel, President

    Advisor Mr. Joseph Rosendale
    President Krutarth Patel
    Vice President Matthew Reese
    Secretary James Strozier
    Treasurer Anne Wymer