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Student Managed Investment Portfolio

  • Mission of the Organization

    SMIP’s mission is to enhance the IUP experience with a unique approach to applying financial skills to real-life investments. We are dedicated to the advancement of a business major’s knowledge in the area of investments. We use and teach in-depth research each week throughout the entire portfolio. Our commitment is to surpass the S&P 500’s benchmark performance every quarter.

    How to Join

    Please contact Corey Roach at for more information. You can also visit our other webpages:

    Requirements of Members (Membership Fees, Attendance, etc.)

    To join, you must be a Finance, Accounting, or Economics major with a minimum GPA of 3.0. We have no membership fees.

    After becoming a member, some of the requirements are:

    • Maintain GPA
    • Attendance: Three allowed absences
    • Active participation

    List of 2016–17 Meeting Dates/Times/Locations

    General meetings will be held every Tuesday at 5:00–6:15 p.m.

    Please consult IUP–SMIP under “Calendar of Events” for more dates and information.

    List of 2016–17 Events/Activities

    All events and activities will be announced during weekly meetings.

    Member Quotes about the Value of the Organization

    “The Student Managed Investment Portfolio is one of IUP’s best-kept secrets. If you have the drive and commitment to learn, we will help make you the most marketable students on campus.”

    Jack Benischeck, former CIO and president of SMIP

    Role Name Contact Information
    Advisor Daniel Lawson
    Chief Investment Officer Corey Roach
    Portfolio Manager John Sproull
    Chief Economist
    Megan Gochenauer