Society for Human Resource Management

  • Mission of Organization

    The mission of SHRM is to provide opportunities for students to interact with human resource professionals in a mutually beneficial way for both parties.

    How to Join

    Interested students should e-mail iupshrm@gmail.comto get more information. Students can join nationally by going to the Society for Human Resource Management website and clicking “Membership Center” then “Student Membership,” completing the application, and enrolling under IUP or entering our chapter ID number, 5181.

    Requirements of Members (Membership Fees, Attendance, etc.)

    • Must be enrolled in at least six credit hours in any field of study.
    • Must be an undergraduate student (graduate students should contact the IUP Employment and Labor Relations Department about our graduate chapter).
    • Dues are $10 ($35 optional fee to obtain a 12-month membership to SHRM National).

    List of 2015-2016 Meeting Dates/Times/Locations

    SHRM Undergrad meetings are held on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. in the Eberly Board Room 201, unless otherwise noted.

    • October 6
    • October 13 - Speaker
    • October 27 - Hall Party in 201
    • November 10
    • December 1

    List of 2015-2016 Events/Activities

    For more information, please attend a scheduled meeting, e-mail an officer or check out SHRM's IUP calendar.

    Member Testimonials

    “My SHRM membership is worth the value of the subscription to HR Magazine, their webinars, and webcasts, along with their helpful networking events.”
    —Rebecca Call

    “Membership in SHRM is very important, especially if you're just starting out as a student majoring in HRM. It not only helps you learn more about the practical side of HR, but it also builds your network.”
    —Stephanie Bozung

    "I just joined SHRM, and I have already met nice and helpful people. I already feel like I am part of a great organization."
    —Heather Mazenko

    Useful Links

    Please Note: IUP SHRM undergrad does not currently have a Sponsoring SHRM Professional Chapter.

    Advisor Dr. Bob Buchanan
    Advisor Dr. Mike Kosicek
    President Heather Carlino
    Vice President  Stephanie Huwie
    Director of Communications
    Brittany Davis
    Treasurer Jack Kelly
    Secretary Ali Fellows