Future Entrepreneurs Club

  • Mission of Organization

    The mission of this organization is to help cultivate future entrepreneurs and their business concepts. FEC would bring in to light for members the key components needed to be a successful entrepreneur. In today’s ever-changing business world there are certain qualities and characteristics that need to be instilled and grown in these future leaders/entrepreneurs. The organization will help these aspiring entrepreneurs to develop business plans of their business concepts. FEC will bring together young aspiring entrepreneurs along with successful entrepreneurs and professionals to ignite a strong entrepreneurial spark within the student community. FEC will also provide a forum for students interested in entering the annual PASSHE Business Plan Competition, along with any other competition that the club finds of interest.

    How to Join

    Start coming to meetings and adding value to the organization!

    Requirements of Members (Membership Fees, Attendance, etc.)

    Membership is for full-time or part-time, activity paying students with at least a 2.5 GPA. There is no restriction for what college you must be in at IUP. The dues for this club are $10 a semester to cover activity materials, etc.

    List of 2015-2016 Events/Activities

    • Developing business plans
    • Talking about business concepts
    • Watching videos
    • Guest speakers
    • Fundraising for trip to businesses
    • Business plan competition

    Member Quotes about the Value of the Organization

    “Your idea doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be the most original, but with motivation, passion, and persistence it can become the best idea you ever had.”
    Taylor Billman, Former President

    “You are only young, ambitious, and have nothing to lose in one decade of your life, so take the step to your future success.”
    Krutarth Patel, Former Vice President

    “The Future Entrepreneurs Club will be beneficial to the IUP campus and will allow students to work together and gain input on their future business ideas.”
    Anthony Almes, Former Treasurer

    “In the future Entrepreneurs Club your dreams and ambitions are only limited by your motivation.”
    Caleb Arone, Former Secretary

    “Come build your dreams in the Future Entrepreneurs Club; otherwise, someone else will hire you to work on their dream.”
    Anthony Flowers, Former Educator

    “In FEC we strive for great minds by being creative and discussing our ideas with each other to help create our future.”
    —Katelyn Conner, Former Treasurer

    Advisor Dr. John LipinskiJohn.Lipinski@iup.edu
    President Travis MeyerT.J.Meyer2@iup.edu
    Vice PresidentChris McKinnisC.G.McKinnis@iup.edu