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    Time Saving Features

    1. Get up to SPEED quickly – Read What's News located at the top of the homepage. The most important and timely news of the moment is reflected, including compelling analysis and features. What's News is what you need to know right now.
    2. PERSONALIZE Your Experience – Customize your Journal information. Click or tap the drop-down menu next to your name in the upper right-hand corner of every page to personalize your WSJ.com. Save articles that you read; start a watchlist of companies to follow; choose newsletters and alerts to match your interests, companies you are following for class and career needs.
    3. Go MOBILE – Download the WSJ app for your device. Log in with your WSJ.com username and password to keep up to date while you are on the go. Go to WSJ.com/mobile for more information.
    4. SIMPLIFY Company Research – Rely on information readily available and pre-sorted for 30,000 publically traded companies. Obtain news/press releases, company profiles, financials, research and ratings, and charting information all in one location. Enter the company name in the Search box in the upper right hand section of the Home Page.
    5. USE for Additional Research- Use the same Search box for information on private companies, topics, and industries from current information back to a 4 year archive.
    6. EXCEL in Your Classes – Delve into industry specific news. Click on the Business tab located on the Home Page and select your topic of choice. For Finance, click on the Markets tab; Technology, click on the Tech tab; and for Real Estate, click on the Real Estate tab.
    7. Monitor the ECONOMY -- For economic news, Indicators and Forecasting, click on the Economy tab.
    8. Go GLOBAL – Find WSJ’s International news and market data by going to the drop-down menu under The Wall Street Journal logo on the Home Page (U.S. edition). To access country-specific information, click on the World tab and select the region.
    9. Track MARKETS, FUNDS, & INSTITUTIONS – Tap comprehensive real-time news and data plus interactive tools and charts by clicking on the Markets Data tab.
    10. SHARPEN your Skills – with the online “How-to” Guides on Small Business, Personal Finance, Careers, Management and Health. Located at the bottom of any page in the Tools & Features section – click on Guides.
    11. Find TOPICS you are researching – Find articles and more on a variety of topics – countries, people, disciplines, and much more. Topics is located in the Tools & Features section at the bottom of any page.
    12. ENLIVEN presentations with VIDEOS- Choose from topics at Video Center, located in Tools & Features at the bottom of any page. Use the Search box at Video Center to find company or other specific videos.
    13. DIG deep on the economy, politics and U.S. news at the US News tab.
    14. EXPLORE the E reader – miss reading the print paper today, click on Today’s Paper in the middle of the top of the Home Page for today’s print paper and an archive of 90 days of prior papers.
    15. MANAGE your Personal Finances with Your Money located on the Markets tab.
    16. BECOME a Great Hire – Explore the trends in the job market by clicking on the Life tab and choosing Careers from the dropdown box. Increase your marketability and business literacy by studying what the recruiters and hiring managers are reading.