What Employers Need to Do to Hire an IUP Business Intern

    1. Send us a letter indicating the internship offer and job description in the major area of the student-intern you intend to hire. For example, if you plan to hire a marketing major, then the job description should be in the area of marketing. In case you are hiring an accounting major, then the job description should be in the area of accounting.
    2. The letter may be faxed to Dr. Madan Batra at 724-357-4785; it may be e-mailed to batra@iup.edu; or, it may be mailed to Dr. Madan Batra, Eberly College of Business, Room 302, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 664 Pratt Drive, Indiana, PA 15705-1036.
    3. The student will do internship for three, six, nine, or twelve credits. For every credit, the student is expected to work for forty hours. So, for a three-credit internship, the student will work at the site for 120 hours.
    4. It is expected that the nature of the learning experience is challenging, primarily in the area of student’s major, and lacks in clerical/secretarial/ repetitive component.
    5. The student will submit the daily logs and internship report to his/her faculty supervisor at the university. You may want to review them.
    6. During the internship, you will be asked to send us one or two performance evaluations of the intern.

    If considered appropriate, the faculty supervisor of the intern will visit the internship site.