Assurance of Learning, Graduate: Goals and Objectives

  • Goal

    Learning Goals:

    An ECOBIT MBA graduate will be able to demonstrate

    Learning Objective A

    Learning Objective B

    Learning Objective C


    the ability to integrate and synthesize knowledge from core functional areas in solving business problems. Demonstrate core knowledge in economics, accounting, finance, marketing, information systems and operations/supply chain. Analyze and synthesize knowledge acquired in the core functional areas to generate alternative solutions to business issues and opportunities facing organizations.  

    Measured in:

    ETS exam

    MGMT 695



    the application of effective managerial communication skills. Develop and analyze interpersonal, intra organizational, and inter organizational communication criteria Demonstrate professional oral and writing skills  

    Measured in:

    BTST 670

    MGMT 695



    comprehension and application of leadership and team building skills. Comprehend the theories and frameworks pertaining to leadership and team work. Demonstrate team building skills in a team project setting. Evaluate different leadership theories and apply appropriate leadership style to a particular situation.

    Measured in:

    MGMT 613

    MGMT 613

    MGMT 613


    the ability to make decisions considering the legal, technological, global and cross-cultural environment of business. Understand the "rule of law" and how that law is important for decision makers. Understand and apply strategic and tactical management of IT/IS in an organizational setting. Understand the global and cross-cultural issues related to decision making in organizations.

    Measured in:

    BLAW 633

    IFMG 640

    MGMT/MKTG 650


    critical thinking, problem solving and managerial decision-making capabilities. Comprehend appropriate statistical and management science techniques for evaluating decision alternatives using statistical packages and manual techniques. Learn to make managerial decisions pertaining to all aspects of the supply chain and supporting activities after critically analyzing various options in functional areas.  

    Measured in:

    QBUS 601 / ECON 634

    MKTG 603 / FIN 630 / MGMT 637 / IFMG 640 / ECON 634



    synthesis of ethical values in business decision-making. Analyze Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics issues confronting organizations and recommend ethically responsible actions.    


    Measured in:

    ACCT 607 / MKTG 603 / MGMTlMKTG 650