John J. Dolan

  • John DolanMember, Board of Directors

    Atlantic Coast Financial Corp.


    John Dolan has extensive banking experience both as a member of the board of directors and an executive officer. Currently Mr. Dolan is Vice Chairman and Audit Committee Chair of Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation. Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation is the parent company of a community bank headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Dolan also consults with growth oriented companies, helping them find non-dilutive funding sources.

    John Dolan retired in December 2011 as the President and Chief Executive Officer at First Commonwealth Financial Corporation. With 6+ billion in assets, First Commonwealth is a financial services company headquartered in Indiana, Pennsylvania, primarily serving the Western and the Central Pennsylvania regions. Mr. Dolan transformed the company's strategy from growth through acquisitions to organic growth, restructured the executive team to ensure success, and navigated the company to clean up significant credit issues. He led the company to maintain a strong capital position throughout the recession period without accepting TARP (troubled asset relief program) or CPP (capital purchase program) funds, and decisively raised common equity capital in uncertain markets. Mr. Dolan was primary contributor on the Corporate Board as well as subsidiary boards of directors. He was also actively involved when the company's board restructured its corporate governance policies to be consistent with industry best practices.