Alcohol and the Brain

  • Brain diagram

    Frontal Lobe

    Home of Reason and Intellect

    .01–.10 BAC

    • lowering of inhabitions

    • reduced self control

    • reduced judgment capacity

    • dulling of attention

    • feeling of well-being

    Parietal Lobe

    Home of Emotions

    .10–.30 BAC

    • distortion of sensory ability

    • unsteadiness of movement

    • loss of some fine motor skills

    • speech disturbance

    Occipital Lobe

    Home of Perception

    .20–.30 BAC

    • loss of color perception

    • distortion of vision

    • double vision

    • loss of depth perception


    Home of Voluntary and Involuntary Functions

    .25–.35 BAC

    • coordination impairment

    • serious problems with balance

    Medulla Oblongata

    Home of Vital Life Functions

    .35–up BAC

    • continued intake may begin to affect regulatory functions at high BAC