Applied Research Lab

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    The ARL is a statistical consulting center providing free technical assistance to IUP students, faculty, and staff engaged in research. This assistance may include help with any or all of the following:

    • instrument design
    • data organization
    • graphical presentation of data
    • statistical software, such as SPSS 
    • the online survey software tool Qualtrics

    The ARL also helps graduate students who need help with some of the more complex features of Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro for theses and dissertations.

    The ARL consultant assigned to your project will provide assistance until the project is completed. The ARL consultant is happy to guide you through all stages of the research, but will not do your research for you. In other words, the ARL will not enter your data, run the statistical software for you, perform your analysis or write up your results, etc.

    To avoid potential difficulties caused by inappropriate survey methods and questionnaire construction, the ARL strongly suggests the client contact us at the earliest stage of their research.

    Note: IUP Faculty and students can download (free of charge) SPSS and NVivo licenses to their home computers. See Software Available to Faculty, Staff, or Students.

  • About the Applied Research Lab
    More about the Applied Research Lab, including who we are and when we’re in the lab to assist you.
    ARL Workshops
    Here are materials and handouts from upcoming and recent Applied Research Lab workshops.
    Qualtrics is an incredibly user-friendly online survey software package available for free to all IUP faculty, staff, and students.
    SPSS License Agreement
    Here is information on obtaining and using SPSS software.
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