Campus Tours and Connecting with Old Friends

  • Interested in organizing an IUP reunion?

    So you have an interest in organizing a get-together with your IUP friends, some of whom you haven’t seen or talked to in quite some time? Great! How do you find out where they are living now? How do you get in touch with them? When and where do you hold the reunion? What kinds of events and activities should be planned? How do you make sure that there is a good turnout? How do you begin and what do you need to do?

    These are frequently asked questions of individuals and groups who are interested in organizing an IUP reunion. This website has been shaped to answer some of these questions and provide a path for reunion organizers, like you, to follow.

    What is an IUP reunion?

    An IUP reunion happens when IUP friends come together after having been separated for some time.  Reunions might involve your classmates or people who lived with you in a residence hall, who played a sport with you, who belonged to the same club or society, or who have no connection other than just being your friends while at IUP.

    Like many IUP reunions, your gathering might take place at IUP, but it might also occur at a southern resort, at a restaurant, or at someone’s home. While being back at campus can add an important dimension to a reunion, it is important to remember that IUP reunions can occur anywhere and at any time, and with any number of people, great or few.

    What does it take to organize a successful reunion?

    A successful reunion happens when the attendees leave the reunion with a positive feeling about the experience. Participants get to see friends, professors, etc., and recall fond memories together. When there is a good turnout, people get to see who they really want to see. There is nothing worse than coming to a reunion and either very few or none of your friends are there.

    • Recruit others to help. The most important ingredient to a successful reunion is a dedicated group of volunteers who are prepared to do what it takes to organize the activities and to encourage their friends to make the decision to attend. While the Alumni Office will lend a hand, the reunion will only be successful if you and your fellow volunteers put in the effort. The first task, then, is to recruit others to help you with your reunion.
    • Plan the reunion with these friends. Having a committee will help to spread out the responsibilities and tasks, and help in making major decisions. These include deciding on a format; dates, times, and venues; budget; and the overall timeline and tasks.
    • Make sure people attend. This is one of the most important tasks. Quite often, this effort includes a personal approach to potential reunion goers. Telephone calls, personal letters, and/or e-mails are the most effective forms of marketing. And everyone on the committee can help!

    Can the Alumni Office help?

    Yes! Once you have decided to organize a reunion, the Office of Alumni Relations is ready to help you with your reunion planning. We have staff members who will work with you and your volunteers to make sure your reunion experience is successful and enjoyable.

    Here are ways we can help:

    • Find your friends. The Alumni Office has a database of more than 115,000 IUP alumni living all over the world. In most cases, we are able to track down your friends. In addition, did you know that you can look up your friends, too, through IUP Alumni Connections, the online community exclusively for alumni? Be sure to check out your directory profile, too, to ensure it is up to date.
    • Market your reunion to your friends. The Alumni Relations Office will be happy to assist you in generating your e-mail and/or mailer and sending it out to your group. Our experience shows us that the personal touch is important in getting a good reunion turnout. We can work with you to develop an effective marketing plan. We are able to provide you with a list of your group members. (Organizers must understand that any shared records are confidential and are only to be used for event planning.) We can also send your mailing and e-mail to your friends (postage can be incorporated into overall budget, so there is no out-of-pocket expense). In addition, we can publicize your reunion on our website and in the university magazine, IUP Magazine (if timing permits). You may also want to include a list of “lost” classmates from whom there has been no contact. (Just keep us posted of any alumni address changes for our database.)
    • Advisory services/contact information: This provides you with leads, phone numbers, and contact information to assist you in making your necessary reunion arrangements.
    • Advice on what activities you should plan. Based on our years of working with reunion organizers, we are able to provide you with helpful suggestions for reunion activities that will make your reunion work for you.
    • On-campus facilities arrangement. If your reunion is being organized at IUP, we can assist with the booking of facilities and will put you in touch with IUP’s various service providers (food, audio-visual, etc.) and help to coordinate your on-campus needs.
    • Handle reservations. Through our online registration system, we can handle the RSVPs, keep you posted on who is coming, and collect the monies, if desired.

      Should you decide that you would prefer that the Office of Alumni Relations collect the monies, we can use those monies to pay your reunion bills directly, as well.

    How about financial assistance?

    The Office of Alumni Relations and the IUP Alumni Association have limited resources to assist with the organizing of alumni reunions. In most cases, organizers are expected to recover expenses from participants through ticket sales, registration fees, donations, etc. The association may be able to contribute financially to reunions, but in a very limited way and on a case-by-case negotiated basis.

    Is there anything else?

    Yes! Upon request, we will:

    • Provide nametags for events
    • Post photos on the Alumni Relations website
    • Track who attended the reunion

    Continually update alumni records in our database and keep your reunion list up-to-date for future communications and reunions.

    Where do I begin?

    Contact Alumni Relations at, complete the online questionnaire, or call 1-800-YES-2IUP to get started.