Programs of Study

  • The ALI offers several different educational programs to provide students with the opportunity to select the course of study that best meets their current educational needs as well as their plans for future studies.

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    Programs of Study

    The ALI offers several programs of study to meet the language needs and academic areas of interest of international students. Visit Calendar and Schedule and for more detailed information.

    English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

    The ALI's main program, EAP is for nonnative English speakers who need preparation in English before starting degree programs at IUP or other U.S. colleges and universities. EAP is a seven-week program in the summer and a 14-week program in the fall and spring semesters.

    ALI Provisional (ALI-P)

    This program was designed for students who want to study English before starting a bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree at IUP. Students can receive a provisional admission to undergraduate programs at IUP while they study at the ALI to meet the university’s language proficiency requirement.

    ALI-IUP Bridge Program

    This program provides advanced ALI students an opportunity to take credit-bearing courses at IUP while refining their English skills for the U.S. academic context. Admission to the Bridge Program requires a TOEFL score no lower than 20 points below the admission standard and approval from the ALI. Students in the Bridge Program are permitted to take up to two IUP course per semester. Students who successfully complete nine credit hours at IUP through the Bridge program may be eligible to waive the TOEFL and IELTS requirements for undergraduate admission. 

    English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

    By special arrangement only. This program is for groups of students with specific needs, such as the spouses of IUP students seeking a home-based language program, or prospective graduate students who seek to attend IUP or another U.S. institution and want discipline-specific English language studies.

    English for Visitors (EV)

    By special arrangement only. This program is for a group of students interested in learning about America through specially designed ALI courses focusing on English language instruction and American culture (history, politics, education, etc.). EV programs typically run from two to eight weeks.