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American Language Institute Programs of Study

  • The ALI offers several different educational programs to meet the needs of our students and partners.

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    Programs of Study

    The ALI offers several programs of study to meet the language needs and academic interests of our students. Visit our Calendar and Schedule page for more detailed information about our current classes and semester dates.

    ALI Full Time / English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

    The ALI's main program, EAP is designed for students who want to improve their English skills to achieve academic, professional, and personal goals. In ALI courses, students improve their English language skills and develop a greater understanding of U.S. academic culture. Full-time students enroll in 21–24 clock hours of intensive English coursework each semester. Admission to this program does not guarantee admission to a degree program at IUP. For conditional admission, students should apply to the ALI Provisional (ALI-P) program. 

    ALI Provisional (ALI-P): Conditional Admission

    The ALI Provisional program offers conditional admission for students to study English at the ALI before starting a degree program at IUP. 

    Students can receive conditional admission to undergraduate programs at IUP while they study at the ALI to meet the university’s language proficiency requirement.

    Conditional admission is also available for select graduate programs: 

    Applicants must meet all requirements for admission except proof of English proficiency. Prospective students should first complete the graduate application for their intended program of study and the ALI application. Applicants who receive conditional graduate admission have one year to meet English proficiency requirements for full admission. 

    ALI-IUP Bridge Program

    This program provides advanced ALI students the opportunity to take credit-bearing courses at IUP while refining their English skills in ALI classes. To participate in the Bridge Program, students must meet program requirements and receive approval from the ALI. Students in the Bridge Program are permitted to take up to six IUP credits per semester.

    Students who successfully complete nine credit hours at IUP, including English 101 through the Bridge program, may be eligible to waive the TOEFL/IELTS requirements for undergraduate admission. 

    Special Programs (English for Specific Purposes and English for Visitors)

    These programs are available on demand by special arrangement. Universities and organizations can contact the ALI to create a course of study specifically designed to meet the groups’ schedule and language learning needs.