• The ALI offers several different educational programs designed to meet students’ educational needs. Students have the choice of living either on or off IUP’s main campus.

    Program Cost

    The cost of the American Language Institute is in two parts: the program cost and mandatory IUP fees. Detailed cost information is available at the Office of the Bursar. Tuition and fees are subject to annual change. Final costs for the academic year will be announced in July. Ready to apply? Visit Apply Online to start the application process.

    On-Campus Housing

    IUP offers on-campus housing for students, which helps to facilitate their social and academic adjustment to the U.S. Residence halls at IUP are well-maintained and equipped with entertainment options for students. Most residence halls have a pool table, ping-pong table, huge televisions with cable, and high-speed Internet access.

    Wallwork HallTwo students talking at their desks in a room within one of the Suites on Grant buildings

    Visit Housing, Residential Living, and Dining for more information about living on campus. Many international students choose to live in Wallwork Hall, the designated Global Awareness living/learning residence hall at IUP.

    Off-Campus Housing

    Many students enjoy living off campus. It should be understood that IUP makes no living arrangements other than in its own residence facilities. It is important that you take the necessary steps to secure adequate housing before arriving at IUP. Most apartment managers and landlords will require you to sign a contract that is legally binding and will require a security deposit, which can sometimes equal one extra month’s rent before moving in. Please make sure you understand the contract before you sign.

    Meal Plan

    Students living in IUP residence halls are required to purchase one of five meal plans. Students living off campus who want a meal plan can choose from six meal plans. Students living off campus are not required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans are selected through the student’s IUP computer account.

    Foster Dining HallFolger Dining Hall

    Please be advised that there is always an adjustment period to the food and beverages in a new country or culture. The campus dining personnel will work with students who have special dietary requirements. No exceptions to or alterations of the meal plan contract will be allowed.

    Meal plans begin for all IUP students, domestic as well as international, with lunch/dinner on the weekend before classes. Students should be prepared to pay for meals off campus prior to that date. Please refer all dining questions to

    Health Insurance

    All students are recommended to have health insurance, because health costs in the U.S. are very high. While IUP does not currently require health insurance, the U.S. government does require that all international students have health insurance. Learn more about the federal guidelines, short-term health insurance, and the immunization documentation that IUP does require under Health Insurance in the Office of International Education Admitted Student section.