About the ALI

  • For over 30 years, the American Language Institute has welcomed students from around the world. The ALI has been a resource for students with diverse social interests and educational needs.

    Mission Statement

    The American Language Institute strives to provide high-quality noncredit intensive English programs for non-native English speakers who seek to enter colleges and universities in the U.S., to study abroad temporarily, or to acquire English for social, business, or technical purposes. The ALI aims to improve the English language proficiency and cultural understanding of its students. The ALI further seeks to provide professional development for numerous graduate students in the IUP English Department. This professional development is fostered through training and mentorship in the practice of English language teaching.

    History of the American Language Institute

    The ALI was founded in 1981 by Dr. Dan Tannacito, a faculty member in the IUP English Department. In 1983, the ALI became a full-time program under IUP’s Centers and Institutes.

    The ALI was started on the invitation of Saudi Arabia to provide English language training for some of its ministers visiting the U.S. Throughout its history, the ALI has received government grants to provide special programs for student groups from Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. In addition, the ALI has a long history of welcoming students from universities with exchange partnerships with IUP as well as from other international universities which seek to send students for a semester abroad. In recent years, the largest groups of students at the ALI have been from Asia and the Middle East. This multilingual and multicultural diversity provides great opportunities for students and faculty on campus as well as citizens in the Indiana area to learn from each other.

    Eicher Hall

    Location and Facilities

    The American Language Institute is located in Eicher Hall on the main campus of IUP. Classes are held in Eicher and Leonard Halls as well as in other buildings on campus.