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Frequently Asked Questions about Transfer Students

  • What makes a student a transfer student?

    Any student who has attempted at least 12 credits of non-developmental, non-technical academic coursework at a post-secondary institution accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies must apply as a transfer student. Students cannot be considered first-time students once coursework has been attempted. This rule does not include college coursework taken to satisfy requirements for high school graduation.

    When should I apply?

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    You should apply at least one semester before you plan to enroll at IUP. It is always best to apply early to ensure admission, especially to those programs limited in size (such as Nursing).

    In addition, applying earlier provides more time for the review of credits and understanding how they fit into your major, as well as determining if IUP is the best choice for you.

    How do I know if credits from my previous school will transfer?

    How do I register for classes?

    Once you are admitted, you are asked to make a $150 tuition deposit to hold your place in the class. You will be invited to one of four New Transfer Student Advisement and Registration days that are held on selected dates during the summer. This one-day program will introduce you to the registration process at IUP, provide an informal advisement session with college faculty and representatives, and allow you to register and leave with a schedule at the end of the day.

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    Because of course registration restrictions, students can only register on these selected days. Students unable to attend a summer registration day will register during late registration, the day before classes begin each semester.

    Is there anything I can do in preparation for transferring to IUP?

    If you are considering transferring to IUP, but will attend your current institution for a semester or more before making the transition, you should plan your schedule so that the courses will transfer and satisfy your graduation requirements at IUP. Again, using the On-Line Credit Evaluation System and the IUP Undergraduate Catalog  will help you to select the best courses to take. For students attending community colleges, we have listed courses that fulfill many of IUP’s requirements for graduation to aid in your scheduling. View our community college guides.

    Whom can I ask for help in the transfer process?

    If you need assistance during the transfer process, please feel free to contact the IUP Office of Admissions, home of Transfer Services! We may be able to assist you through e-mail or by phone. Contact us at or 800-442-6830 or 724-357-2230.