Crimson and Silver Scholarship FAQ

  • The Crimson and Silver Transfer Scholarship is awarded to a select group of qualified incoming transfer students. Please read the following FAQ to learn more. If you have questions after reading the FAQ, please e-mail us at

    When do my 30 college-level credits need to be completed?

    30 college-level credits must be completed by the end of the Fall 2013 semester and appear on an official transcript in order to be eligible for this award. You will need to send an official updated transcript from your current institution at the end of your Fall 2013 semester in order to be considered.

    Which courses are considered college-level?

    College-level courses are those that are not considered developmental, remedial, or technical in nature. Many times, these courses are 100 level or above. For example, a MATH 080 course from a community college is generally not considered to be college-level. This course would not count toward the 30 college-level credits required for eligibility for the scholarship. Please e-mail with questions regarding your courses.

    Which visits count toward the visit requirement for the scholarship?

    Any weekday visit, Saturday Expo program, or scheduled individual appointment with the Office of Transfer Services or Undergraduate Admissions Office will satisfy the visit requirement. You must visit by March 15. Register for a visit here. To schedule an individual appointment with a transfer counselor, please call our Office of Transfer Services at 724-357-5553.

    When will I know if I’ve been awarded the scholarship?

    We will notify students selected for the scholarship in late March/early April by mail for the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

    Is there anything else I should submit?

    There is nothing else you need to submit, providing we have your transcript listing 30 completed credits.