Find Your Success

  • At IUP, you'll choose from about 135 majors to gain hands-on learning experiences in some of the hottest professional fields today.

    Nuclear medical technology, energy-related sciences, safety sciences, fashion merchandising, nursing, accounting, psychology, communications media, and many other majors are available. IUP offers more programs than many other schools.

    Your professors will take an active interest in your academic career. IUP is known for this! They’ll provide you with active learning experiences, research opportunities, and access to professional networking and other resources. See Academic Life at IUP for more details.

    As you’re building your knowledge of a field, you’re gaining some experience in it, too. You’re taking shape as a standout candidate for that job opening or graduate school.

    Click below to watch videos from some of our students who have done just that.

  • IUP President Mike Driscoll voiced the latest IUP commercial and in this interview, elaborates on some of the themes of the commercial.