Summer Honors Program

  • Apply now to the 2016 Summer Honors Program!

    We realize that, with your high school classes in full swing, it might be difficult to get the application together with such a close due date. Thus, the deadline for the application has been pushed back from April 15 to May 1.

    Program Dates: July 10–23, 2016

    The Cook Honors College hosts IUP’s Summer Honors Program (SHP), where talented rising high school juniors and seniors get a first-hand look at life on campus. It’s a unique opportunity to explore college classes. You’ll make new friends, learn more about higher education, and feel a connection with other scholars.

    The living-learning environment in our residence hall will bring you together with students from across the country, giving you a sense of what your first year of college will be like. Our peer counselors will be there with you to share their experience in single-gender wings of Whitmyre Hall.

    Attend classes that are dynamic, motivating, and interactive. Sessions are taught by experienced IUP faculty who will guide your explorations and give you a sense of what college will be like.

    Half of your day will be spent in the interdisciplinary Honors Core Course.

    All students will tackle some of the most basic and debated questions of human existence, such as “How do we discern the good from the bad?” or “What do we know? What do we believe? Is there a difference?” in the Interdisciplinary Honors Core Course. Working with professors from literature, philosophy, history, biology, and the fine arts provides a unique opportunity for a synthesis of ideas. You will be challenged to develop critical thinking skills through the analysis of great scholars’ arguments, group discussions, writing, and group presentations.

    The other half of your day will immerse you in the field you find most exciting.

    Choose from Discipline-based Courses such as:

    • Biochemistry
    • Constitutional Law
    • East Asian Culture/Languages
    • Gender Studies
    • Journalism/Public Relations 
    • Mathematics
    • Nanochemistry
    • Political Communication
    • Psychology
    • Rhetoric of Popular Culture

    You will find there is more to student life than going to class. Check out the planetarium, the music hall, library, local pizza places, and coffee shops. Plus, find out about campus clubs and organizations. This is your chance to explore the university and town of Indiana in a fun and supportive setting.

    Even if IUP is not the right college for you, SHP will help distinguish you as a student who pursued a college experience while still in high school.

    Please send me more information about the Summer Honors Program.

  • 2016 Summer Honors Program Application
    The PDF format of the application for the Summer Honors Program at IUP. You can print this off or submit it via email to
    2016 Teacher Evaluation Form
    Summer Honors Program for High School Students at Cook Honors College, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Teacher Evaluation Form Admission to the Cook Summer Honors Program is a highly selective experience for talented students. We appreciate your candi d evaluation of this student. Evaluations are due no late
    Summer Honors Program Student Nomination Form
    High school teachers may use this form below to recommend a student for the Cook Honors College Summer Honors Program.