ProgramAdmitted TermEnrollmentReasonFirst NameLast NameBanner IDEmailAdmin & Leadership Studies DED (ALS-ED-DED)Admin & Leadership Studies PHD (ALS-HS-PHD)Adult & Community Ed/Comm Tech (ACE-CMNT)Adult & Community Education (ACE-MA)American Lang Inst Bridge - GR (ALIB-GRAD)Applied Archaeology, MA (AARC-MA)Applied Mathematics, MS (APMA-MS)Art, MA (ART-MA)Art, MFA (ART-MFA)Biology, MS (BIOL-MS)Business Administration, MBA (MBA)Business/Administrative, MED (BUWD-ADMN)Business/Business Spec, MED (BUWD-BUSN)Business/Undeclared, MED (BUWD-UNDC)Business/Workforce, MED (BUWD-WRKF)Applied and Industrial Chemistry, PSM (AICH-PSM)Clin Mntl Hlth Cnslg Licensure (CNSS-LICENSE)Clinical Psychology, PSYD (CNPC-PSYD)Comm Media & Instruct Tech, PHD (CMIT-PHD)Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CNSS-MA)Criminology, MA (CRIM-HH-MA)Criminology, PHD (CRIM-HH-PHD)Curriculum & Instruction, DED (CURR-DED)Ed of Exceptional Persons, MED (EDEX-MED)Educational Psychology, MED (EDPC-MED)Elementary & Middle Sch Math, MED (ELMA-MED)Employ & Labor Relations, MA (ELR-MA)English/Composition &TESOL PHD (ENGL-CTSL-D)English/Composition & Literature, MA (ENG-CMLT-MA)English/Liter & Criticism, PHD (ENGL-LTCR-D)English/Literature, MA (ENGL-LITR-MA)English/MATE, MA (ENGL-MATE)English/TESOL, MA (ENGL-TESOL)Food & Nutrition, MS (FDNT-MS)Geography/Environment Plan, MS (GEOG-ENVP)Geography/GIS &Geospatial Tech (GEOG-GT-GCOR)Geography/GIS Cartography, MS (GEOG-CART)Geography/Region Planning, MS (GEOG-RGPL)Graduate One Course Only (GSR-OCO)Graduate Special Status (GSR-SPST)Health & Physical Ed, MED (HPED-MED)Health Services Admin (HSAD)History, MA (HIST-MA)Level II Certification (LEVEL-2-CERT)Literacy Certification (LTCY-NDCRTN)Literacy, MED (LTCY-MED)MBA/Executive Track (EMBA)Masters in Education, MED (MEDU-MED)Mathematics Education, MED (MAED-MED)Music Education, MA (MUSC-EDUC-M)Music/Performance, MA (MUSC-PERF-MA)Nursing, PHD (NRSG-PHD)Nursing/Administration, MS (NURS-NUAD)Nursing/DNP, PHD (NRSG-DNP-PHD)Nursing/Education, MS (NURS-NUED)Nanoscience of Industrial Materials, PSM (NSIM-PSM)Principal Certification (PRIN-NDCRTN)Public Affairs, MA (PUAF-MA)Safety Sciences, MS (SAFE-MS)Safety Science, PHD (SAFE-PHD)School Counseling Cert (COUN-NDCRTN)School Counseling, MED (COUN-MED)School Psych Specialist Cert (SPSY-CERT)School Psychology, DED (SPSY-DED)Sociology, MA (SOC-MA)Special Educ Certification (EDEX-NDCRTN)Speech-Language Pathology, MS (SPLP-MS)Sport Science/Exercise Sci, MS (SPSC-EXSC)Sport Science/Sport Studies MS (SPSC-SPST)Sport Science/Sports Mgmt, MS (SPSC-SPMG)Student Affairs/Higher Ed, MA (SAHE-MA)Supervisor of Pupil Servs Cert (SPSY-NDCRTN)Summer 2015Fall 2015Spring 2016Summer 2016Fall 2016I plan to enroll at IUP for the semester indicated in my letter of acceptance.I plan to enroll at IUP, but need to defer until the next semester.Not enrolling - I will be attending another universityNot enrolling - Personal ReasonsNot enrolling - Other Reason: (Complete the field below) 0 and contains($uri,'&LangType=-1')"> function ektLocalizeDate(date, id) {setTimeout(function() {if (document.getElementById && 10 == date.length) {var oTempDate = new Date(date.substr(0,4), parseInt(date.substr(5,2),10)-1, date.substr(8,2));document.getElementById(id).innerHTML=(oTempDate.toLocaleDateString ? oTempDate.toLocaleDateString() : oTempDate.toLocaleString());}}, 1); }// Thank you for your reply. Please contact Graduate Admissions at with any questions. You can also visit Graduate Admissions for more information.Remember to visit the Virtual Orientation to learn more about registration, financial aid, accessing your IUP email account, billing and more." />

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