What We Do

  • Services of the African American Cultural Center include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Assessing the interests of African-American students in educational and social programs, and responding to the extent that personnel, facilities, and resources permit.
    2. Providing and encouraging effective advisement of minority student organizations and individual students as needed.
    3. Assisting in the orientation of African American students to the culture of the institution, and providing support for those students as they progress through the university.
    4. Providing opportunities and support for African American and other minority students and organizations to develop and sponsor appropriate programs and to otherwise fully participate in the IUP cocurriculum.
    5. Providing training in leadership skills and other personal social skills for African American students, and supporting those seeking to assist them.
    6. Promoting and sponsoring events that focus on African American heritage and multicultural diversity.
    7. Serving as a supplement to classroom instruction as needed.
    8. Aiding in the facilitation of academic and multicultural programs and workshops for faculty, staff, and students that focus on:
      1. awareness of cultural differences.
      2. self-assessment of cultural awareness and possible prejudices.
      3. changing prejudicial attitudes or behaviors.
    9. Supporting the academic, student development, and programmatic goals of the offices of the Center for Student Life, Social Equity and Diversity, and Women’s Studies.
    10. Systematically promoting the participation of African American and minority students for leadership roles in campus governance organizations.
    11. Encouraging and acknowledging outstanding accomplishments and contributions of African American students at IUP.
    12. Encouraging and participating in collaborative programming with African American groups and other minority and university organizations.
    13. Assisting with, identifying, and responding to the specific programmatic and academic needs of African American and minority students, making referrals to other university offices as appropriate.
    14. Providing mailboxes for a limited number of student organizations.
    15. Maintaining a library of African American cultural and educational resources (books, magazines, journals, videos, etc.).
    16. Maintaining meeting facilities to accommodate up to fifteen persons, lounging, and study facilities (TV, VCR, DVD, computers).
    17. Publishing a biannual calendar of events, newsletter, and webpage calendar.
    18. Promote and/or encourage African American, other minorities, and/or underrepresented students in community service activities.
    19. Serve as a clearinghouse of information related to the success of African American or other minority and underrespresented students (e.g., Bulletin of Jobs, Scholarships, and Graduate School opportunities ).