15K in a Day

15K In A Day
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Congratulations alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of IUP! You’ve met and exceeded the $15k In A Day Giving Challenge goal.

Ric Clark, a 1980 graduate of the Eberly College of Business has an exciting proposition for you. As an entrepreneur turned Senior Managing Partner and CEO of global real estate holdings for Brookfield Asset Management, Ric credits his success to his IUP experience and education. Conscious of the rising costs associated with education coupled with the disruption of educational funding, Ric wants to support IUP students in a meaningful way—and he’s challenging you to join him.

At a time when IUP only receives about 26% of its budget from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Ric understands that your support, and in turn his, will make a difference in ensuring that IUP can continue to provide students the resources to become nurses, safety professionals, teachers, linguists, social workers, scientists, musicians, and business leaders who enable our society to progress into tomorrow.

Need another reason to help IUP raise $20k In A Day?

IUP is competing for performance funding from the commonwealth. If the number of people that support IUP increases this year, the university stands to be rewarded with additional funding. The same holds true if the sum total dollars of charitable support increases. Last year, because of IUP’s progress towards established performance measures across the university, IUP received a performance award of $4.2 million. This is a team effort, and everyone plays an important role.

UPDATE! IUP alumni and friends, you have raised over $32,250 for IUP students! Congratulations on exceeding the goal!

In combination with the matching funds offered by Ric Clark ‘80 and Tim Rupert ‘68, the grand total for the $15k in a Day Giving Challenge is $52,250. Ninety-five different program and scholarship funds across campus will benefit from your generosity.

Thanks to Ric Clark’ 80, Tim Rupert ’68, and the hundreds of alumni and friends that made the challenge a success.

Sutton Scholars

Recognizing the increased costs associated with higher education and the financial burden it can create for students, IUP created the Sutton Scholarship. This recruiting scholarship, administered by the undergraduate admissions office via an on-campus interview process, provides $1,000 and $2,000 awards to students who are considered high achievers. It is renewable for up to four years, based upon annual academic performance. The purpose of this scholarship is to attract high-quality students to each of IUP's six colleges to defray their debt load post-graduation. In its first year, 162 new Sutton Scholarships totaling $323,000 were provided to students with a strong academic profile. Looking forward to the 2014-2015 academic year, the admissions office has interviewed 360 potential Sutton Scholarship candidates. However, with funding in place for only 126 renewable awards, many students will not be selected.

Your gift can help IUP to attract even more of the best and the brightest.

To learn more about Ric Clark ‘80, read his profile or read the IUP Magazine story, Dealer in Downtown’s Future.